Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Objects, Others
Author/Editor:    Ahmed, Sara.
Publisher:    Duke University Press
Binding:    pbk.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    240
Pubn Year:    2006
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ISBN:   9780822339144
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Description: In this groundbreaking work, Sara Ahmed demonstrates how queer studies can putphenomenology to productive use. Focusing on the “orientation” aspect of“sexual orientation” and the “orient” in “orientalism,”Ahmed examines what it means for bodies to be situated in space and time. Bodiestake shape as they move through the world directing themselves toward or awayfrom objects and others. Being “orientated” means feeling at home,knowing where one stands, or having certain objects within reach. Orientationsaffect what is proximate to the body or what can be reached. A queerphenomenology, Ahmed contends, reveals how social relations are arrangedspatially, how queerness disrupts and reorders these relations by not followingthe accepted paths, and how a politics of disorientation puts other objectswithin reach, those that might, at first glance, seem awry.Ahmed proposes that a queer phenomenology might investigate not only how theconcept of orientation is informed by phenomenology but also the orientation ofphenomenology itself. Thus she reflects on the significance of the objects thatappear—and those that do not—as signs of orientation in classicphenomenological texts such as Husserl’s Ideas. In developing a queermodel of orientations, she combines readings of phenomenological texts—byHusserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Fanon—with insights drawn from queerstudies, feminist theory, critical race theory, Marxism, and psychoanalysis.Queer Phenomenology points queer theory in bold new directions.

Contents: Acknowlegments ixIntroduction: Find Your Way 11. Orientations Toward Objects 252. Sexual Orientation 653. The Orient and Other Others 109Conclusion: Disorientation and Queer Objects 157Notes 181References 203Index 227