Willful Subjects
Author/Editor:    Ahmed, Sara.
Publisher:    Duke University Press
Binding:    pbk.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    320
Pubn Year:    2014
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ISBN:   9780822357834
ISBN10:   0822357836

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Description: In Willful Subjects Sara Ahmed explores willfulness as a charge often made bysome against others. One history of will is a history of attempts to eliminatewillfulness from the will. Delving into philosophical and literary texts, Ahmedexamines the relation between will and willfulness, ill will and good will, andthe particular will and general will. Her reflections shed light on how will isembedded in a political and cultural landscape, how it is embodied, and how willand willfulness are socially mediated. Attentive to the wayward, the wandering,and the deviant, Ahmed considers how willfulness is taken up by those who havereceived its charge. Grounded in feminist, queer, and antiracist politics, hersui generis analysis of the willful subject, the figure who wills wrongly orwills too much, suggests that willfulness might be required to recover from theattempt at its elimination.

Contents: Acknowledgments viiIntroduction: A Willfulness Archive 11. Willing Subjects 232. The Good Will 593. The General Will 974. Willfulness as a Style of Politics 133Conclusion: A Call to Arms 173Notes 205References 257Index 277