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Tourism Research in China: Themes and Issues
Author/Editor:    Huang, Songshan (Sam)., Chen, Ganghua.
Publisher:    Channel View Publications
Binding:    hbk.
Physical Media:    book
Pages:    168
Pubn Year:    2015
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ISBN:   9781845415471
ISBN10:   1845415477

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Description: This book provides critical in-depth reviews on key themes and issues in tourismresearch in China. These themes include: Chinese scholars’ epistemologicalviews of tourism, rural tourism development, community participation in tourism,tourist market and behaviour, tourist attraction management and tour guiding andinterpretation in China. While Chinese scholars are often able to access keyresearch in both English and Chinese, the majority of researchers from outsideChina without knowledge of the Chinese language are unable to read originalresearch from China. This book seeks to redress this knowledge imbalance andbring key Chinese tourism research to the international tourism academiccommunity. This book will be a valuable reference for tourism researchers,postgraduate students and industry professionals.

Contents: Tables and FiguresPrefaceChapter 1 The Landscape of Tourism Research in China: An OverviewChapter 2 Philosophical and Epistemological Views of TourismChapter 3 Rural Tourism Development in China Chapter 4 Community Participation and Involvement in Tourism: Cases and Modelsin ChinaChapter 5 Tourist Market and Behaviour Studies: The Chinese FociChapter 6 Tourist Attraction Management in China: Issues and ChallengesChapter 7 Tour Guiding and Interpretation in ChinaChapter 8 Tourism Research in China: Concluding RemarksAppendixIndex