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Favre family cookbook : three generations of cajun and creole cooking from the gulf coast.

Family, The Favre.
(1999)  | 9781886110755 | Addax Publishing Group | hbk. | book | 223pp
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Out of print.
Mom and dad, Bonita and Irvin, brought up their four kids, Scott, Brett, Jeff, and Brandi, on down-home cookin' in Kiln, Mississippi, better known as "The Kill." Through the years, the Favres have become known for their virtual feasts with friends and extended family. Food prepared with imagination...

George Brett : from here to Cooperstown.

Brett, George. Cameron, Steve.
(1999)  | 9781886110793 | Addax Publishing Group | hbk. | book | 112pp
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There was no blare of trumpet at the beginning. A document was signed on June 25, 1971, which read: "The Billings Baseball Club, herein called the Club, a member of the Pioneer League, and George Howard Brett, herein called the player, of 628 Penn Street, El Segundo, California, are parties to this...

Pappy : the gentle bear.

Walsh, BillFWD. Cameron, Steve. Greenburg, John.
(1999)  | 9781886110809 | Addax Publishing Group | hbk. | book | 239pp
AUD 42.95 (inc. GST), AUD 39.05 (ex. GST),
Pappy Waldorf was a football giant, both figuratively and literally. Over a span that included seven decades, this minister's son overwhelmed the sport at the collegiate and pro levels as a player, coach, personnel director - and father figure.

Red zone : the greatest victories in the history of nebraska football.

Osborne, TomFWD. Shatel, Tom.
 | 9781886110557 | Addax Publishing Group | hbk. | book | 190pp
AUD 50.95 (inc. GST), AUD 46.32 (ex. GST),
Red Zone: The Greatest Victories in the History of Nebraska Footbal takes youback to the colorful characters and breathing moments that made Nebraskafootball the greatest program in college football and the pride of the state ofNebraska.

The bruin 100 : the greatest games in the history of ucla basketball.

AbdulJabbar, KareemFWD. HowardCooper, Scott.
(1999)  | 9781886110564 | Addax Publishing Group | hbk. | book | 192pp
AUD 50.95 (inc. GST), AUD 46.32 (ex. GST),
Facts, team statistics, individual coach and player records, top crowd attendances, the Olympians, and the 100 greatest games in UCLA basketball history -- it's all included inThe Bruin 100. But most importantly, relive the traditions and read the stories that can't be told in the record books.


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