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Guidelines for preparing core clinical-safety information on drugs : Report of CIOMS working group III & V.

(1998)  | 9789290360704 | CIOMS / World Health Org | 2nd,  | book
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Out of print.
A revised and expanded edition of the guidelines covering the minimum drug safety information that should be communicated by manufacturers to physicians and other prescribers. The original guidelines were produced in response to the need to harmonize drug safety information. This work also includes...

Benefit-risk balance for marketed drugs : Evaluating safety signals, report of CIOMS working group IV.

(1999)  | 9789290360681 | CIOMS / World Health Org | book
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Out of print.
This texdt provides a guide to the use of economic critieria to analyze a country's phrarmaceutical sector and identify ways to improve the drug supply. It aims to facilitate the analysis of expenditure on drugs within the context of a governments overall economic policies and priorities.

International ethical guidelines for biomedical research involving human subjects.

(2002)  | 9789290360759 | CIOMS / World Health Org | book | 112pp
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Supersedes the 1993 revision (ISBN 9290360569).

CIOMS calendar of congresses of medical sciences. No. 60, 1999. [English/French]

(1999)  | 9789290360698 | CIOMS / World Health Org | book | 114pp
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Out of print.

CIOMS calendar of congresses of medical sciences : [English/French]: 1997, no. 58.

(1997)  | 9789290360650 | CIOMS / World Health Org | book | 62pp
AUD 20.95 (inc. GST), AUD 19.05 (ex. GST),


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