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Technical forumulae : 9th enlarged and revised edition.

Gieck, K. Gieck, R.
(2009)  | 9783446420298 | Carl Hanser Verlag | hbk. | 9th,  | book | 380pp
AUD 46.95 (inc. GST), AUD 42.68 (ex. GST),
For generations of engineers, students and practioners, this collection of technical formulae hasprovided a brief, clear, and handy guide to solve the most important technical and mathematicalproblems.Since the book has been printed on one side of the page only, the facing pages are available foradditional...

Goethe und schiller : geschichte einer freundschaft.

diger. Safranski, Rü. Safranski, Rudiger.
(2011)  | 9783446233263 | Carl Hanser Verlag | hbk. | book | 343pp
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Modern Machine Shops Guide to Threads, Threading and Threaded Fasteners.

Chapman, Woodrow.
(2004)  | 9783446419452 | Carl Hanser Verlag | hbk. | book | 608pp
AUD 125.95 (inc. GST), AUD 114.50 (ex. GST),
This comprehensive new reference, featuring information extracted from Modern Machine Shop?s Handbook for the Metalworking Industries, provides 600 large, easy to read pages of text, tables, and diagrams featuring in-depth coverage of all aspects of threa

Wörterbuch der arbeitswissenschaft : begriffe und definitionen.

Hammer, W. Hammer, Wilfried.
(1996)  | 9783446189959 | Carl Hanser Verlag | pbk. | book | 296pp
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Modern Machine Shop's Handbook for the Metalworking Industries.

Chapman, Woodrow.
(2002)  | 9783446419469 | Carl Hanser Verlag | hbk. | book | 2368pp
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Modern Machine Shop's Handbook for the Meatallworking Industries provides a balanced blend of traditional and modern topics. In addition to containing a wide range of reference tables covering all aspects of machining, composition of materials, and dimens


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