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Metamorphoses : The New, Annotated Edition.

(2018)  | 9780253033598 | Indiana University Press | pbk. | book | 520pp | Availability last checked: 7/9/2023
AUD 22.95 (inc. GST), AUD 20.86 (ex. GST),
Ovid's Metamorphoses is one of the most influential works of Western literature,inspiring artists and writers from Titian to Shakespeare to Salman Rushdie.These are some of the most famous Roman myths as you've never read thembefore—sensuous, dangerously witty, audacious—from the fall of Troy to...

The Phenomenology of Religious Life.

Heidegger, Martin. Fritsch, Matthias. Gosetti-Ferencei, Jennifer Anna.
(2010)  | 9780253221896 | Indiana University Press | pbk. | book | 288pp | Availability last checked: 14/9/2023
AUD 60.95 (inc. GST), AUD 55.41 (ex. GST),
The Phenomenology of Religious Life presents the text of Heidegger’s important1920–21 lectures on religion. The volume consists of the famous lecture courseIntroduction to the Phenomenology of Religion, a course on Augustine andNeoplatonism, and notes for a course on The Philosophical Foundations...

Michael O"Halloran.

Stratton-Porter, Gene.
(1997)  | 9780253210456 | Indiana University Press | pbk. | book | 576pp
AUD 62.95 (inc. GST), AUD 57.23 (ex. GST),
This early 20th-century classic chronicles the adventures of an orphanednewspaper boy in his "hand-to-hand scuffle" with life in a midwesternmetropolis. Gene Stratton-Porter’s faith in the healing power of nature isalso apparent, in a lovingly depicted tamarack swamp set near the city.

Night without End: The Fate of Jews in German-Occupied Poland

Engelking, Barbara. Grabowski, Jan.
(2022)  | 9780253062864 | Indiana University Press | pbk. | book
AUD 90.95 (inc. GST), AUD 82.68 (ex. GST),

Dinosaurs of Darkness: In Search of the Lost Polar World

Vickers-Rich, Patricia. Rich, Thomas H.
(2020)  | 9780253047397 | Indiana University Press | pbk. | 2nd ed,  | book | 332pp
AUD 75.95 (inc. GST), AUD 69.05 (ex. GST),
Dinosaurs of Darkness opens a doorway to a fascinating former world, between 100million and 120 million years ago, when Australia was far south of its presentlocation and joined to Antarctica. Dinosaurs lived in this polar region.How were the polar dinosaurs discovered? What do we now know about them?...


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