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IChemE / Institute of Chemical Engineering

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Physical property data book for engineers and scientists.

Shallcross, David.
(2004)  | 9780852954652 | IChemE Inst of Chemical | spiral/comb/coil | book | 58pp | Availability last checked: 22/8/2019
AUD 40.00, AUD 56.50 (inc. GST) , AUD 51.36 (ex. GST) ,
This new text contains in a compact form a range of physical property data required by undergraduate chemical, biomolecular and mechanical engineering students, and practising engineers involved in design work. The data include steam tables based upon the latest formulations, water densities, vapour...

Hazards of water.

(2004)  | 9780852954669 | IChemE Inst of Chemical | pbk. | 8 ed.,  | book | 60pp
AUD 48.95, AUD 65.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 59.50 (ex. GST) ,
A member of the BP Process Safety Series developed as a complement to safety training, this text makes the perfect reference tool and training aid. The book increases the awareness of operators within the chemical and process industries, to the hazards of water. It begins by describing water, its uses...

Proc 8th Ethylene Producers' Conf Vol 5

(1996)  | 9780816907144 | IChemE Inst of Chemical | book
AUD 85.95, AUD 102.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 93.14 (ex. GST) ,
Over the past eight years the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Ethylene Producers Conference has been the acknowledged meeting place for international petroleum refining and petrochemical production specialists. Proceedings of the 8th Ethylene Producers' Conference, Volume Five, with...

Loss Prevention: Proc Atlanta USA 1994

(1994)  | 9780816906505 | IChemE Inst of Chemical | pbk. | book
AUD 272.95, AUD 300.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 273.14 (ex. GST) ,

First Guide to Loss Prevention

(1977)  | 9780852951064 | IChemE Inst of Chemical | book
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