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Cross Cultural Competence: A Field Guide for Developing Global Leaders and Managers

(2015)  | 9781784418885 | Emerald Publishing | pbk. | book | 368pp | Availability last checked: 23/1/2020
AUD 105.95 (inc. GST), AUD 96.32 (ex. GST),
'Cross Cultural Competence' serves as a comprehensive, practical, andworkshop-based program that allows facilitators and organizational change agentsto help organizations and people develop cross cultural skills and globalcompetence. The book is grounded in the most rigorous and relevant theories,research,...

Best Sellers

Architecture as a Global System: Scavengers, Tribes, Warlords and Megafirms

Raisbeck, Peter.
(2019)  | 9781838676568 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 152pp | Availability last checked: 13/5/2020
AUD 183.95 (inc. GST), AUD 167.23 (ex. GST),
Since the 1980s the architectural profession across the world has been driven byglobalisation. The factors shaping this globalisation include neo-liberaleconomics, digital transformation and the rise of social media against thebackground of the profession’s entrenched labour practices. In describingarchitecture...

Victim, Perpetrator, or What Else?: Generational and Gender Perspectives on Children, Youth, and Violence

Alberth, Lars. Bühler-Niederberger, Doris.
(2019)  | 9781789733365 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 232pp | Availability last checked: 13/5/2020
AUD 208.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.95 (ex. GST),
Children, while being the most victimised group in society, rarely become atopic of sociological research, neither as victims nor as perpetrators. Thesociological discussion on power and violence happens beyond generation as animportant dimension of social structure, and in many respects also beyond...

Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum

Forlin, Chris. Deppeler Loreman Smith Deppeler, Joanne. Florian, Lani. Loreman, Tim. Smith, Ron.
(2015)  | 9781784416485 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 304pp | Availability last checked: 13/5/2020
AUD 320.95 (inc. GST), AUD 291.77 (ex. GST),
This volume focuses on an inclusive pedagogical approach for enhancing teachingand learning in key areas of curriculum including: literacy, mathematics,science, social studies, and the arts. In the introductory chapters, the conceptof inclusive pedagogy is framed in relation to the actions of teachers...

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality among Contemporary Youth: Generation Sex

Blair, Sampson Lee. Claster, Patricia Neff. Blair, Sampson L.
(2017)  | 9781787146143 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 272pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 244.95 (inc. GST), AUD 222.68 (ex. GST),
Researchers, practitioners, and parents have increasingly become concerned aboutissues related to sex, gender, and sexuality among children and adolescents.With access to the Internet, young people around the globe can readily obtainvirtually any and all information they seek concerning sex and sexuality....

Including a Symposium on the Historical Epistemology of Economics

Fiorito, Luca. Scheall, Scott. Suprinyak, Carlos. D++ppe, Till. Maas, Harro. Suprinyak, Carlos Eduardo. , Fiorito, Luca. Scheall, Scott. Suprinyak, Carlos Eduardo.
(2017)  | 9781787145382 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 216pp | Availability last checked: 13/5/2020
AUD 244.95 (inc. GST), AUD 222.68 (ex. GST),
Volume 35A of Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodologyfeatures a symposium on historical epistemology, guest edited by Till Düppe andHarro Maas. The symposium includes new research from the guest editors, as wellas from Loïc Charles and Christine Théré, Hsiang-Ke Chao, Tobias...

Newest & Forthcoming Releases

Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting

Baker, Charles Richard.
(2020)  | 9781838676704 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 280pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 220.95 (inc. GST), AUD 200.86 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
This edition of Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accountingincludes articles from a distinguished group of authors.  The topics cover manyaspects of professional responsibility and ethics in accounting, includingwhistleblowing, professional skepticism, earnings management, cognitive...

Advances in Taxation

Hasseldine, John.
(2020)  | 9781839091865 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 312pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 220.95 (inc. GST), AUD 200.86 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
In the latest volume of Advances in Taxation, series editor John Hasseldinepresents studies from expert contributors exploring topics such as: corporatetax planning, tax-related accounting misstatements and uncertain tax positions,financial statement readability, the tax effects of a major pension schemechange,...

Resistance and Accountability

Lehman, Cheryl R.
(2020)  | 9781838679941 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 212pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 208.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
How do public spaces generate accountability and advance social equity?Stimulating the conversation, the articles in this volume explore the creationof meaning, the increasing confrontation between regulators and the communitythey are purported to serve, and the prevalent conflicts in seeking a balancingof...

Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology: Including a Symposium on Sir James Steuart: The Political Economy of Money and Trade

Fiorito, Luca. Scheall, Scott. Suprinyak, Carlos Eduardo.
(2020)  | 9781838677084 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 248pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 208.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
Volume 38C of Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodologyfeatures a symposium guest-edited by Rebeca Gomez Betancourt on the economicthought of Sir James Steuart, author of perhaps the first English-languagetreatise on political economy. The symposium includes contributions fromMaurício...

International Perspectives on Democratization and Peace

Ganesan, Narayanan.
(2020)  | 9781800430686 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 280pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 208.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
Since at least the 1990s, international mediation efforts have investigatedwhether civil conflicts could be resolved through democratization. The resultshave been mixed, and within the scholarship there is no real framework for howto approach the question, let alone any agreement on the answers. Drawing...

Governance and Sustainability

Crowther, David. Seifi, Shahla.
(2020)  | 9781800431522 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 288pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 220.95 (inc. GST), AUD 200.86 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
Both firms and governments are increasingly taking steps to addresssustainability, and at the same time the issue of governance has become moreprominent due to the numerous problems in public and business life which havemanifest failures in governance. As initiatives for sustainability increase inimportance...

Advancing Methodological Thought and Practice

Crook, T. Russell. D. Smith, Anne. K. Lê, Jane.
(2020)  | 9781800430808 | Emerald Publishing | hbk. | book | 216pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 208.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
Research Methodology in Strategy and Management advances understanding of themethods used to study organizations – including managers, strategies, and howfirms succeed. This volume explores cutting-edge methodological approaches to the study oforganizations, managers, and strategy, and offers ‘how...

Gender and the Violence(s) of War and Armed Conflict: More Dangerous to be a Woman?

Banwell, Stacy.
(2020)  | 9781787691162 | Emerald Publishing | pbk. | book | 244pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 61.95 (inc. GST), AUD 56.32 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
The ebook edition of this title is Open Access, thanks to Knowledge Unlatchedfunding, and freely available to read online. Drawing on historical and contemporary case studies, Gender and the Violence(s)of War and Armed Conflict delves into visual as well as text-based materials tounpack gender-based...

Tattoos and Popular Culture: Cultural Representations in Ink

Barron, Lee.
(2020)  | 9781839092183 | Emerald Publishing | pbk. | book | 228pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 48.95 (inc. GST), AUD 44.50 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
The rise of tattoos into the mainstream has been a defining aspect of 21stcentury western culture. Tattoos and Popular Culture showcases how tattoos havebeen catapulted from 'deviant' and 'alternative' subculture, into a popularculture, becoming a potent signifier of 'difference' for the millennialgeneration. From...


Davis, Philip. Magee, Fiona.
(2020)  | 9781838673086 | Emerald Publishing | pbk. | book | 184pp | Availability last checked: 14/5/2020
AUD 41.95 (inc. GST), AUD 38.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in October 2020
Can reading literature really help our mental health? This book shows how andwhy - not by instruction or prescription but by emotion and exploration. Offering case histories of individual readers and reading groups based on thework of The Reader, a charity dedicated to bringing serious literature toneglected...


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