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Cross Cultural Competence: A Field Guide for Developing Global Leaders and Managers

(2015)  | 9781784418885 | EMERALD GROUP | pbk. | book | 368pp
AUD 88.95 (inc. GST), AUD 80.86 (ex. GST),
Cross Cultural Competence serves as a comprehensive, practical, andworkshop-based program that allows facilitators and organizational change agentsto help organizations and people develop cross cultural skills and globalcompetence. The book is grounded in the most rigorous and relevant theories,research,...

Best Sellers

Investment Traps Exposed: Navigating Investor Mistakes and Behavioral Biases

(2017)  | 9781787142534 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 448pp
AUD 72.95 (inc. GST), AUD 66.32 (ex. GST),
Given the complex and challenging world of investing, what chance do individualshave navigating the financial minefield and emerging unscathed? Not much, unlessthey become knowledgeable about investment fundamentals, recognize and correcttheir mistakes and behavioral biases, and avoid traps strewn along...

Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum

Forlin, Chris. Deppeler Loreman Smith Deppeler, Joanne. Florian, Lani. Loreman, Tim. Smith, Ron.
(2015)  | 9781784416485 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 304pp | Availability last checked: 19/7/2018
AUD 267.95 (inc. GST), AUD 243.59 (ex. GST),
This volume focuses on an inclusive pedagogical approach for enhancing teachingand learning in key areas of curriculum including: literacy, mathematics,science, social studies, and the arts. In the introductory chapters, the conceptof inclusive pedagogy is framed in relation to the actions of teachers...

Designing Creative Organizations: Tools, Processes and Practice

(2016)  | 9781787140356 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 288pp | Availability last checked: 18/8/2018
AUD 115.95 (inc. GST), AUD 105.41 (ex. GST),
Designing Creative Organizations' is one of the first books to cover ways toorganize creativity, innovation and business model development in a way thatprovides a seamless transition from an idea generated through team brainstormingto a business solution. It provides systematic ways to design new businessmodels,...

Inclusive Principles and Practices in Literacy Education

(2017)  | 9781787145900 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 288pp
AUD 222.95 (inc. GST), AUD 202.68 (ex. GST),
This volume draws together research and practice from the fields of literacyeducation and inclusion. As such it provides an insight into current theory,research and issues associated with teaching literacy to all students ininclusive classrooms. Literacy remains a critical success factor for students,as...

Researching Children and Youth: Methodological Issues, Strategies, and Innovations

Castro, Ingrid. Harger, Brent. Swauger, Melissa.
(2017)  | 9781787140998 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 425pp
AUD 240.95 (inc. GST), AUD 219.05 (ex. GST),
This volume seeks to directly address the problems and pitfalls that oftenaccompany researching children and youth in today's society. This volumeaddresses participatory and feminist ethnographic approaches, digital mining,children's agency, and navigating IRBs. Themes of space, location, and identityrun...

Newest & Forthcoming Releases

Grow, Build, Sell, Live: A Practical Guide to Running and Building an Agency and Enjoying It

(2019)  | 9781787568860 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 200pp | Availability last checked: 18/10/2018
AUD 43.95 (inc. GST), AUD 39.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
If you are thinking about starting your own agency; have started one and hityour first round of growing pains, or are a veteran looking for an exit, thisbook is for you. In it you'll find practical and implementable advice and toolsto address the day-to-day reality of running a successful agency ? with...

Agents, Actors, Actorhood: Institutional Perspectives on the Nature of Agency, Action, and Authority

Colyvas, Jeannette A. Drori, Gili S. Hwang, Hokyu.
(2019)  | 9781787560819 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 315pp | Availability last checked: 18/10/2018
AUD 257.95 (inc. GST), AUD 234.50 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
National governments are increasingly sharing the stage with many other forms ofempowered social actors and authoritative players. Worldwide, alongsidegovernmental bureaucracies, we witness the proliferation of non-for-profit andvoluntary associations, business organizations and corporations, civic...

Gambling Advertising: Nature, Effects and Regulation

Gunter, Barrie.
(2019)  | 9781787699243 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 255pp | Availability last checked: 5/12/2018
AUD 184.95 (inc. GST), AUD 168.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
There is a growing concern about the rise of gambling in many countries. Withthe expansion of online gambling opportunities and the relaxation ofrestrictions on gambling around the world, the industry has increased theirinvestment in marketing activities. The use of diverse and highly visiblepromotional...

Business Plasticity Through Disorganization

Herath, Dinuka B.
(2019)  | 9781787562127 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 205pp | Availability last checked: 28/11/2018
AUD 173.95 (inc. GST), AUD 158.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
Disorganization occurs in all areas of modern business. In a dynamic 21stcentury environment our conventional structured, rigid responses in dealing withsuch messiness are not working. This book presents a novel approach to bothacademics and practitioners on how to break the shackles of rigidity andeliminate...

Traffic Safety Culture: Definition, Foundation, and Application

Fleming-Vogl, Katie. Ward, Nicholas John. Watson, Barry.
(2019)  | 9781787146181 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 370pp | Availability last checked: 28/11/2018
AUD 203.95 (inc. GST), AUD 185.41 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
This reference book provides traffic safety researchers and practitioners withan international and multi-disciplinary compendium of theoretical andmethodological concepts relevant to the research and application of TrafficSafety Culture as an important paradigm for traffic safety and the vision ofzero...

The Production of Managerial Knowledge and Organizational Theory: New Approaches to Writing, Producing and Consuming Theory

Amis, John M. Mair, Johanna. Zilber, Tammar B.
(2019)  | 9781787691841 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 280pp | Availability last checked: 28/11/2018
AUD 226.95 (inc. GST), AUD 206.32 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
As organizational scholars, we are accustomed to using theoretical lenses tounderstand organizational practices and outcomes. That is, we conceptualize whatpeople do, feel and think in their everyday organizational interactions throughthe use of theoretical language and models to uncover individual...

The Inclusive Management Strategy: Engineering Culture Change for Employees with DisAbilities

Fawzy, Camelia M. Shore, Brenda.
(2019)  | 9781787541962 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 175pp | Availability last checked: 5/12/2018
AUD 173.95 (inc. GST), AUD 158.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
Every person has the potential to contribute to an organization as long as theyhave access to the right opportunities and connections, yet it sometimes is alltoo obvious that the stigma associated with a person’s disability can have anegative impact on their ability to develop healthy work relationships...

Change and Continuity Management in the Public Sector: The DALI Model for Effective Decision Making

Dalli, Gonzi Rebecca. , Grima, Simon.
(2019)  | 9781789731682 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 180pp | Availability last checked: 28/11/2018
AUD 173.95 (inc. GST), AUD 158.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
The customer problem in the public sector appears when too many processes are inplace and staff volumes are too large to adapt to sudden change. As situationsevolve and solutions are required, public managers are faced with an overload ofinformation for decision-making, as normal day-to-day policy is...

Medievalism and Metal Music Studies: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Barratt-Peacock, Ruth. Hagen, Ross.
(2019)  | 9781787563964 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 154pp | Availability last checked: 21/11/2018
AUD 184.95 (inc. GST), AUD 168.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
Metal music has long nurtured an obsession with visions of the Middle Ages, withcountless album covers and lyric sheets populated by Vikings, knights, wizards,and castles. Medievalism and Metal Music Studies: Throwing down the Gauntletaddresses this fascination with all things medieval, exploring how...

Rewriting Leadership with Narrative Intelligence: How Leaders Can Thrive in Complex, Confusing and Contradictory Times

Morgan, Greg.
(2019)  | 9781787567764 | EMERALD GROUP | hbk. | book | 332pp | Availability last checked: 28/11/2018
AUD 184.95 (inc. GST), AUD 168.14 (ex. GST),
Coming in April 2019
Leadership is a slippery concept. Researchers disagree on its essence,describing it variously as behaviours, character traits or styles. Effectiveleaders understand that we make meaning of our experiences by creating storieswe believe to be true, but which are largely based on fragmentary evidencefiltered...


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