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2017 Physicians' desk reference.

(2016)  | 9781563638381 | PDR Network / PDR Bookstore | hbk. | 71st ed,  | book | 2000pp
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Out of print.
PDR has been the premier reference on prescription drugs for 71 years. The highly respected, instantly recognized book is found in nearly every physician's office, clinic, hospital, pharmacy, and library. Completely updated every year, PDR provides critical, current information on the most commonly...

Pdr for ophthalmic medicines 2013.

PDR, Staff.
(2012)  | 9781563638107 | PDR Network / PDR Bookstore | hbk. | 41 ed.,  | book | 270pp
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Now Not Being Published.
The essential reference guide for eye-care professionals. This annually updated guide contains the latest information on the drugs and equipment used in the fast-changing fields of ophthalmology and optometry. Includes color product photos, information on contact lenses, suture materials, and specialized...

Lecciones de economía española.

Fernández, Otheo Carlos M. Fernández-Otheo, Carlos M. García, Delgado José Luis. Jiménez, Juan Carlos. Myro, Rafael.
(2012)  | 9788447036646 | PDR Network / PDR Bookstore | pbk. | 10 ed.,  | book | 389pp
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2017 pdr drug information handbook.

(2016)  | 9781563638374 | PDR Network / PDR Bookstore | pbk. | book | 1568pp
AUD 69.95, AUD 86.45 (inc. GST) , AUD 78.59 (ex. GST) ,
The all-new 2017 PDR Drug Information Handbook provides professionals in healthcare an accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible guide for the most commonly prescribed drugs. Based on FDA-approved prescribing information, PDR's staff of pharmacists has developed concise monographs that highlight the...

Patent litigation : a global guide from practical law.

Calame, Thierry J. Sterpi, Massimo.
(2016)  | 9780414055414 | PDR Network / PDR Bookstore | hbk. | book | v, 556pp
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