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Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Morgan & Claypool Publishers LLC is an innovative new company formed by experienced publishing professionals to serve the global research and development communities in science and technology. They believe that online delivery technology presents exciting opportunities for authors and publishers to create new information vehicles that improve on existing print documents. Their mission is to create "next generation" digital information products that combine authoritative content with state-of-the-art technology and a customer-oriented business model. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, California (USA), and has offices in the San Francisco bay area, Fort Collins (Colorado), Bonita Springs (Florida), Princeton (New Jersey) and Seattle (Washington).

Best Sellers

Mining communities : understanding the context of engineering practice.

Baillie, Caroline.
(2014)  | 9781608458783 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book
AUD 87.95 (inc. GST), AUD 79.95 (ex. GST),
Mining has been entangled with the development of communities in all continents since the beginning of large-scale resource extraction. It has brought great wealth and prosperity, as well as great misery and environmental destruction. Today, there is a greater awareness of the urgent need for engineers...

The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality

(2015)  | 9781970001129 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 475pp | Availability last checked: 31/8/2017
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Virtual reality (VR) can provide our minds with direct access to digital mediain a way that seemingly has no limits. However, creating compelling VRexperiences is an incredibly complex challenge. When VR is done well, theresults are brilliant and pleasurable experiences that go beyond what we can doin...

Engineering and War : Militarism, Ethics, Institutions, Alternatives.

Blue, Ethan. Levine, Michael P.
(2013)  | 9781608458769 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 122pp
AUD 70.95 (inc. GST), AUD 64.50 (ex. GST),
This book investigates the close connections between engineering and war, broadly understood, and the conceptual and structural barriers that face those who would seek to loosen those connections. It shows how military institutions and interests have long influenced engineering education, research,...

Information Verification in the Digital Age: The News Library Perspective

Martin, Nora.
(2016)  | 9781627058223 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 120pp | Availability last checked: 1/9/2017
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The past decade has seen significant changes in the media landscape. Large mediaoutlets have traditionally controlled news and information flows, with everyoneobtaining news via these dominant channels. Yet, in the digital world the natureof what constitutes news has changed in fundamental ways. Social...

Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Digital Collection 7 lectures 701-800 [large institutions] online.

(2016)  | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | online database
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Newest & Forthcoming Releases

Computer Vision for Wide Area Aerial Imaging

(2017)  | 9781627057899 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 120pp | Availability last checked: 1/9/2017
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Out of Stock at the Publisher. (30/12/2017)
Wide area aerial imagery presents unique challenges for automated analysis. Itis captured by an array of cameras, at low frame rates, but in large format,resulting in a high data rate. Traditional approaches for well-known computervision problems of mosaicking, video stabilization, object tracking,...

Computerized Analysis of Mammographic Images for Detection and Characterization of Breast Cancer

Casti, Paola. Mencattini, Arianna. Rangayyan, Rangaraj M. Salmeri, Marcello.
(2017)  | 9781681731568 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 186pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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The identification and interpretation of the signs of breast cancer inmammographic images from screening programs can be very difficult due to thesubtle and diversified appearance of breast disease. This book presents newimage processing and pattern recognition techniques for computer-aided detectionand...

Shared-Memory Parallelism Can Be Simple, Fast, and Scalable

Shun, Julian.
(2017)  | 9781970001914 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | hbk. | book | 392pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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Parallelism is the key to achieving high performance in computing. However,writing efficient and scalable parallel programs is notoriously difficult, andoften requires significant expertise. To address this challenge, it is crucialto provide programmers with high-level tools to enable them to develop...

On-Chip Networks

Jerger, Natalie Enright.
(2017)  | 9781627059145 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 210pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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This book targets engineers and researchers familiar with basic computerarchitecture concepts who are interested in learning about on-chip networks.This work is designed to be a short synthesis of the most critical concepts inon-chip network design. It is a resource for both understanding on-chip networkbasics...

Blocks and Chains: Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Their Consensus Mechanisms

Judmayer, Aljosha.
(2017)  | 9781627057165 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 123pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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The new field of cryptographic currencies and consensus ledgers, commonlyreferred to as blockchains , is receiving increasing interest from variousdifferent communities. These communities are very diverse and amongst othersinclude: technical enthusiasts, activist groups, researchers from variousdisciplines,...

Circuit Analysis Laboratory Workbook

Piatt, Teri L.
(2017)  | 9781681731605 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 125pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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This workbook integrates theory with the concept of engineering design andteaches troubleshooting and analytical problem-solving skills. It is intended toeither accompany or follow a first circuits course, and it assumes no previousexperience with breadboarding or other lab equipment. This workbook...

The Manhattan Project: A Very Brief Introduction to the Physics of Nuclear Weapons

Reed, B. Cameron.
(2017)  | 9781681746043 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 114pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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The development of nuclear weapons by the Manhattan Project during World War IIwas one of the most dramatic scientific/technological episodes in human history.This book, prepared by a recognized expert on the Manhattan Project, offers aconcise survey of the essential physics concepts underlying fission...

The Electric Dipole Moment Challenge

Talman, Richard.
(2017)  | 9781681745084 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 183pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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The electric dipole moment (EDM) challenge measures a non-zero proton EDM valueand this book suggests how the challenge can be met. Any measurably large protonEDM would violate the standard model. The method to be employed uses an intensebeam of 'frozen spin' protons circulating for hour-long times...

Boolean Differential Calculus

Steinbach, Bernd.
(2017)  | 9781627059220 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 215pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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The Boolean Differential Calculus (BDC) is a very powerful theory that extendsthe basic concepts of Boolean Algebras significantly.Its applications are based on Boolean spaces and Boolean operations, and basicstructures such as Boolean Algebras and Boolean Rings, Boolean functions,Boolean equations,...

Aspects of Differential Geometry III

Calvino-Louzao, Esteban.
(2017)  | 9781627056861 | Morgan & Claypool Publishers | pbk. | book | 159pp | Availability last checked: 21/9/2017
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Differential Geometry is a wide field. We have chosen to concentrate uponcertain aspects that are appropriate for an introduction to the subject; we havenot attempted an encyclopedic treatment. Book III is aimed at the first-yeargraduate level but is certainly accessible to advanced undergraduates....


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