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Multilingual Matters

Channel View Publications Ltd and their wholly owned imprint Multilingual Matters are dedicated to publishing the very best textbooks and research monographs in the fields of applied linguistics, literacy education, multicultural education, immigrant language learning, sustainable development and tourism studies. They take an ethical stance in all of their business dealings and strive to make a positive change wherever they can. They pride themselves on their willingness to publish work from neglected geographical areas and their ability to discover and publish cutting-edge research from all over the world.

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Featured Titles

New Perspectives on Transfer in Second Language Learning

(2015)  | 9781783094332 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | hbk. | book | 272pp
AUD 270.95 (inc. GST), AUD 246.32 (ex. GST),
When people attempt to learn a new language, the language(s) they already knowcan help but also hinder their understanding or production of new forms. Thisphenomenon, known as language transfer, is the focus of this book. Thecollection offers new theoretical perspectives, some in the empirical studiesand...

Best Sellers

Sociolinguistics and the Legal Process

Eades, Diana. Bos-Nehles, Anna. Nath, Sahu Tarak. Jessel, Christopher. Marina, Olya. Nicholls, David. Smith, Graham. Staunton, Suzanne. Allen, Cyrus. Denham, Jack. Grabman, Genevieve M. Lim, Seongbae. , Ewick, Patricia. Grayman, Jesse Hession. Sanchez, Mabel. Sarat, Austin. Thomas, Dania. Vadi, Maaja. Wheeler, Anthony R. Yolbulan, Okan Elif. F. Cartwright, Juliana. Aguilera, Ruth V. Andrades, Lidia. Arar, Khalid. Crookes, Adrian. Demos, Vasilikie. Drew, Joseph. Fang, Christina. Gilmarti, Mattia J. Hoskinson, Sherry. Kinoti, Meru Abel. Kleinman, Gary. Lytras, Miltiades D. Pearlstein, Toby. Sacher, William. Shani, Abraham B. (Rami). Storberg-Walker, Julia. Tsuria, Ruth. Wingfield, Adia Harvey.
(2010)  | 9781847692535 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 320pp | Availability last checked: 12/7/2018
AUD 58.95 (inc. GST), AUD 53.59 (ex. GST),
Sociolinguistics and the Legal Process is an introduction to language, law andsociety for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its central focusis the exploration of what sociolinguistic research can tell us about howlanguage works and doesn’t work in the legal process. Written for readers...

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Baker, Colin.
(2011)  | 9781847693556 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | 5th rev ed.,  | book | 512pp | Availability last checked: 21/6/2018
AUD 55.95 (inc. GST), AUD 50.86 (ex. GST),
The fifth edition of this bestselling book provides a comprehensive introductionto bilingualism and bilingual education. In a compact and clear style, its 19chapters cover all the crucial issues in bilingualism at individual, group andnational levels. These include: • defining who is bilingual and...

Sociolinguistics and Language Education

(2010)  | 9781847692825 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 592pp | Availability last checked: 3/7/2018
AUD 69.95 (inc. GST), AUD 63.59 (ex. GST),
This book, addressed to experienced and novice language educators, provides anup-to-date overview of sociolinguistics, reflecting changes in the globalsituation and the continuing evolution of the field and its relevance tolanguage education around the world. Topics covered include nationalism andpopular...

Talk, Text and Technology: Literacy and Social Practice in a Remote Indigenous Community

Kral, Inge.
(2012)  | 9781847697585 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 336pp | Availability last checked: 24/7/2018
AUD 66.95 (inc. GST), AUD 60.86 (ex. GST),
Talk, Text and Technology is an ethnographic exploration of language, learningand literacy in remote Indigenous Australia. This unique work traces thehistorical transformation of one Indigenous group across four generations. Themanner in which each generation adopts, adapts and incorporates new innovationsand...

Teachers as Mediators in the Foreign Language Classroom

Kohler, Michelle.
(2015)  | 9781783093052 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 248pp | Availability last checked: 2/8/2018
AUD 69.95 (inc. GST), AUD 63.59 (ex. GST),
Language teachers are key figures in preparing young people for participation inan increasingly multilingual and culturally diverse world, yet little is knownabout how they go about this in practice. This book uses examples of classroominteraction to reveal how teachers of languages act as intercultural...

Newest & Forthcoming Releases

Making Signs, Translanguaging Ethnographies: Exploring Urban, Rural and Educational Spaces

Adami, Elisabetta. Sherris, Ari.
(2018)  | 9781788921916 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | hbk. | book | 240pp | Availability last checked: 17/10/2018
AUD 252.95 (inc. GST), AUD 229.95 (ex. GST),
Coming in November 2018
This book is the beginning of a conversation across Social Semiotics,Translanguaging, Complexity Theory and Radical Sociolinguistics. In itsexplorations of meaning, multimodality, communication and emerging languagepractices, the book includes theoretical and empirical chapters that movetoward an...

Translation and Global Spaces of Power

Baumgarten, Stefan. CornellĂ -Detrell, Jordi.
(2018)  | 9781788921800 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 248pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

This book focuses on the role of translation in a globalising world. It presentsa series of case studies that explore the ways in which translation is subjectto ideology and power play across diverging domains and genres. Broadly based ona discussion of 'translation and the economies of power', the...

English as a Lingua Franca for EFL Contexts

Sifakis, Nicos C. Tsantila, Natasha.
(2018)  | 9781788921756 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 272pp | Availability last checked: 17/10/2018
AUD 90.95 (inc. GST), AUD 82.68 (ex. GST),
This book explores the interfaces of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) andEnglish as a Foreign Language (EFL) pedagogy. It presents the theoreticalaspects of ELF, discusses issues and challenges that ELF raises for the EFLclassroom, and demonstrates how EFL practitioners can make use of ELF theorizingfor...

Narratives of East Asian Women Teachers of English: Where Privilege Meets Marginalization

Park, Gloria.
(2018)  | 9781788921749 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 152pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD 62.95 (inc. GST), AUD 57.23 (ex. GST),
This book is a powerful narrative of how six women experienced their livesalongside their desire to overcome the challenging and empowering nature of theEnglish language. The volume shares who they are as transnational and mobilewomen living in the midst of linguistic privilege and marginalization....

Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century

Arias, M. Beatriz. Fee, Molly.
(2018)  | 9781788921657 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 184pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD 61.95 (inc. GST), AUD 56.32 (ex. GST),
In the last 20 years dual language education programs have increased in numberand expanded in range. Whereas once they were predominantly focused at theelementary level, they now span from pre-K through to high school. This bookexamines the key attributes of successful dual language programs, as well...

New Perspectives on Language and Education

Edwards, Viv. Ha, Phan Le.
(2018)  | 9781788921572 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | book | 2224pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

Two decades of research and development in language and literacy education haveyielded a broad, multidisciplinary focus. Yet education systems face constanteconomic and technological change, with attendant issues of identity and power,community and culture. This series features critical and interpretive,disciplinary...

Second Language Acquisition

Pfenninger, Simone E. Singleton, David.
(2018)  | 9781788921589 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | book | 2784pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

This series brings together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of languageacquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages otherthan the native language is involved. Second language is therefore interpretedin its broadest possible sense. The volumes included in the series...


Blommaert, Dr Jan. De, Fina Anna. Rampton, Ben.
(2018)  | 9781788921596 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | book | 2248pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

The Encounters series sets out to explore diversity in language from atheoretical and an applied perspective. So the focus is both on the linguisticencounters, inequalities and struggles that characterise post-modern societiesand on the development, within sociocultural linguistics, of theoreticalinstruments...

Mind Matters in SLA

Piske, Thorsten. Wright, Clare. Young-Scholten, Martha.
(2018)  | 9781788921602 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | pbk. | book | 288pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

This book examines key issues in theories of what language is and what happensin the mind during second language acquisition (SLA), inspiring readers to thinkin new and exciting ways about language learning and teaching. Chapters, writtenby both established and rising star scholars, provide cutting-edge...

Mind Matters in SLA

Piske, Thorsten. Wright, Clare. Young-Scholten, Martha.
(2018)  | 9781788921619 | Multilingual Matters Ltd | hbk. | book | 288pp | Availability last checked: 15/10/2018
AUD Call for price

This book examines key issues in theories of what language is and what happensin the mind during second language acquisition (SLA), inspiring readers to thinkin new and exciting ways about language learning and teaching. Chapters, writtenby both established and rising star scholars, provide cutting-edge...


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