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Schooling & identity of Asian girls.

Shain, Farzana.
(2002)  | 9781858561820 | Trentham Books | hbk. | book | 148pp
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Challenging western misconceptions and stereoptypes of young Asian girls, this book through the analysis of Asian girls experiences reassesses the role that schooling can play in shaping their identities. It draws on an empirical study with Muslim, Hindu and Sikh schoolgirls of Pakistani, Indian and...

Psychology teaching assistants.

Arnold, Christop. Yeomans, Jane.
(2005)  | 9781858563091 | Trentham Books | pbk. | book | 160pp
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Teaching assistants need to have a particular understanding of how children's minds work and this book provides it. It outlines the psychology of human development, the psychology of learning and the psychology of institutions and groups, emphasizing multiple perspectives and contextualizing the information...

Inducting new teachers.

Bleach, Kevan.
(2002)  | 9781858562292 | Trentham Books | pbk. | book | 180pp
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Now Not Being Published.
Arrangements for the induction of new teachers in schools are a crucial factor in determining the quality and quantity of the teaching force. Major new strategies have been introduced to enhance the process, including Induction Standards and Career Entry Profiles. This book examines these approaches...

Multicultural Traching to Combat ... Community: Vol 2 No 1

(1983)  | Trentham Books | book
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Out of print.

Inclusive Schools, Inclusive Society: Race & Identity on the Agenda

Richardson, R. Wood, A.
(1999)  | 9781858562032 | Trentham Books | pbk. | book | 96pp
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Out of print.
This is a manual intended to be used for planning and action against racism in schools to ensure improvement in schools for all children, not just those from ethnic minority groups. It sets out the issues, the statistics and the research that indicates which groups are failed by schools and why and...


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