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Health Education for Adolescent Boys

Omran, Abdul Rahim. A.R., Omran Dr. G., Al-Hafez Dr.
(2006)  | 9789290215332 | World Health Org - EMRO | book | 114pp
AUD 43.95 (inc. GST), AUD 39.95 (ex. GST),
Out of print.
Adolescence is characterized by rapid change when events and experiences have significant implications and consequences for later life. As they develop adolescents adopt new roles of social responsibility acquire skills and access opportunities necessary for functioning in adult life. The health...

Good Clinical Diagnostic Practice: A Guide for Clinicians in Developing Countries to the Clinical Diagnosis of Disease and to Making Proper use of ClinicaL

C.C., Heuck. I., Müller-Stöver. J., Carter.
(2005)  | 9789290213932 | World Health Org - EMRO | pbk. | book | 270pp
AUD 86.95 (inc. GST), AUD 79.05 (ex. GST),
Out of print.
The aim of this book is to bridge the gap between the diagnostic departments and the clinical wards in order to improve the coordination of the different services that are involved in patient care each service with its specific task and responsibility. It has been written to improve the clinical and...

WHO e-Atlas of Disaster Risk for Eastern Mediterranean Region CD-ROM: Volume 1 : Exposure to Natural Hazards

(2008)  | 9789290216032 | World Health Org - EMRO | cd-rom
AUD 32.95 (inc. GST), AUD 29.95 (ex. GST),
Out of print.
This CD-ROM is a tool to help disaster management decision-makers predict the magnitude of a disaster on a specific population to assess where damage might be the greatest and to forecast specific resources which may be required to reduce health risks to vulnerable populations. It uses GIS and disaster...

Building the Knowledge Base on the Social Determinants of Health: Review of Seven Countries in the Eastrn Mediterranean Region

(2008)  | 9789290216322 | World Health Org - EMRO | pbk. | book | 87pp
AUD 32.95 (inc. GST), AUD 29.95 (ex. GST),
Out of print.
The WHO Global Commission on Social Determinants of Health was launched in 205 with the aim of identifying and tackling the persistent and growing inequalities in health both within and between countries. These inequalities are caused by what we now term social determinants defined as the way people...

Community-based Initiatives in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Status Report May 2003

(2004)  | 9789290213369 | World Health Org - EMRO | book | 43pp
AUD 32.95 (inc. GST), AUD 29.95 (ex. GST),
Out of print.
Investing in health particularly that of the poor is central to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. In support of this strategy WHO's Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean is actively promoting in countries of the Region community-based initiatives like Basic Development Needs...


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