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Situational crime prevention : successful case studies.

Clarke, Ronald.V. G.
(1997)  | 9780911577389 | CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS | pbk. | 2nd ed,  | book | 357pp | Availability last checked: 3/7/2017
AUD 40.99 (inc. GST), AUD 37.26 (ex. GST),
This 2nd edition features a revised and extended classification of 16 techniques of situational crime prevention, 13 new case studies and over 300 new references."Situational Crime Prevention should be required reading for anyone interested in innovation in policing. It offers a wide range of techniques...

Evaluation for crime prevention.

Tilley, Nick.
(2002)  | 9781881798361 | CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS | pbk. | book | 240pp
AUD 53.95 (inc. GST), AUD 49.05 (ex. GST),
Evaluation in crime prevention is universally regarded as essential, but many problems have been encountered in ensuring that this is carried out effectively - both in relation to specific initiatives as well as the forms of partnerships that are now being widely promoted. This book is concerned primarily...

Perspectives on identity theft.

McNally, Megan M. Newman, Graeme R.
(2008)  | 9781881798811 | CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS | pbk. | book | 240pp
AUD 50.95 (inc. GST), AUD 46.32 (ex. GST),
This book provides a range of perspectives on the topic of identity theft with a common core of concerns - in particular questions of definition, measurement, the scarcity of data, the role of technology, and the importance of cooperation in combating the problem.

Countering terrorism through situational crime prevention.

Freilich, Joshua. Newman, Graeme R.
(2009)  | 9781881798934 | CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS | hbk. | book
AUD 75.95 (inc. GST), AUD 69.05 (ex. GST),
This volume applies the principles of situational crime prevention (SCP) to terrorism and it features cutting-edge theoretical and empirical pieces. Chapters focus on: terrorism by right-wing and left-wing extremists in the U.S., the conflicts in Iraq and Northern Ireland, foreign policy through an...

Surveying Crime in the 21st Century : Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the British Crime Survey . Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 22.

Hough, Mike. Maxfield, Mike.
(2007)  | 9781881798750 | CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS | pbk. | book | 332pp
AUD 57.95 (inc. GST), AUD 52.68 (ex. GST),
What can researchers glean from national crime surveys? And how must these research tools evolve to remain relevant? Addressing these questions, the authors highlight key findings of the British Crime Survey and the US National Crime Victimization Survey and outline innovations necessary for their continued...


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