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Philosophy & psychology - Metaphysics (110)

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Aesthetics and Art: Traditional and Contemporary China in a Comparative Perspective

Gao, Jianping.

(2018)  | 9783662566992 | Springer | hbk. | 1,  | book | 236pp | Availability last checked: 17/5/2018
AUD 207.95 (inc. GST), AUD 189.05 (ex. GST),
To Begin With A Beautiful Line.- The Relationship Between Writing and Painting in Ancient China.- Significance of Analogy-Drawing Between Go and Painting.- Theoretical Significance of Painting as Performance.- Difficulties in Reading Images: Diversity and Internationality in Image Reception.- Who Are...

The Gamma Paradoxes: An Analysis of the Fourth Book of Aristotle’s Metaphysics

KIRBY, Jeremy.

(2018)  | 9781498540360 | Lexington Books c/- Rowman & | hbk. | book | 190pp | Availability last checked: 1/4/2018
AUD Call for price

In this book, Jeremy Kirby analyzes Book Gamma of Aristotle's Metaphysics andintroduces the debates (or paradoxes as he refers to them) such as relativismversus the idea of a ready-made world, the possibility of true contradictions,the nature and possibility of metaphysics, the limits of thought, and...

InterprĂ©tations phĂ©nomĂ©nologiques de la 'physique' d'aristote chez heidegger et patočka.

Spaak, Claude Vishnu.

(2018)  | 9783319565439 | Springer | hbk. | book | xiv, 344pp | Availability last checked: 1/3/2018
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Cet ouvrage met en Ĺ“uvre une confrontation philosophique entre Heidegger et Patocka, deux figures majeures de la tradition phĂ©nomĂ©nologique, en prenant pour fil conducteur leurs interprĂ©tations respectives des concepts fondamentaux de la Physique d’Aristote. Mais tout d’abord, le point d’accord :...


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