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Religion - Philosophy & theory of religion (210)

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God and abstract objects : the coherence of theism: aseity.

Craig, William Lane.

(2017)  | 9783319553832 | Springer | hbk. | book | xv, 511pp | Availability last checked: 16/8/2017
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This book is an exploration and defense of the coherence of classical theism’s doctrine of divine aseity in the face of the challenge posed by Platonism with respect to abstract objects. A synoptic work in analytic philosophy of religion, the book engages discussions in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy...

Dynamic secularization : information technology and the tension between religion and science.

Bainbridge, William Sims.

(2017)  | 9783319565019 | Springer | hbk. | book | viii, 268pp | Availability last checked: 24/5/2017
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This book discusses secularization, arguing that it may be more complex and significant than is generally recognized. Using a number of online exploration methods, the author provides insights into how religion may be changing, and how information technology might be energized in this process.Working...


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