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Animals and Tourism: Understanding Diverse Relationships


(2015)  | 9781845415037 | Channel View Publications | pbk. | book | 328pp
AUD 79.95 (inc. GST), AUD 72.68 (ex. GST),
This book critically examines the many ways in which tourism and animalsintersect, whether as tourist attractions, wildlife conservation tools, astravel companions or as meat to be eaten. It aims to make a meaningfulcontribution to the growing body of knowledge concerning the relationshipsbetween animals,...

VFR Travel Research: International Perspectives


(2015)  | 9781845415181 | Channel View Publications | hbk. | book | 240pp
AUD 227.95 (inc. GST), AUD 207.23 (ex. GST),
This is the first book to explore research on visiting friends and relatives(VFR). In many countries VFR is the largest single travel-related market and forsome regional economies accounts for over half of all tourism flows. Inassembling an international collection of quality VFR-related research theeditors...

Tourism Research in China: Themes and Issues


(2015)  | 9781845415471 | Channel View Publications | hbk. | book | 168pp
AUD 204.95 (inc. GST), AUD 186.32 (ex. GST),
This book provides critical in-depth reviews on key themes and issues in tourismresearch in China. These themes include: Chinese scholars’ epistemologicalviews of tourism, rural tourism development, community participation in tourism,tourist market and behaviour, tourist attraction management and...


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