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Anshan Ltd

Anshan is a well established independent STM publisher, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. UK.

Their aim is to bring prestigious UK and international authors to the attention of booksellers, librarians, academics and researchers, in education and in industry, and to make their work available around the world at an affordable, competitive price.

They publish at all levels, from undergraduate textbooks to research based professional and reference works.

They have also recently developed a self help list, with particular emphasis on cancer care both from the professional and the patient viewpoint.


Best Sellers

Mini Atlas of Embryology

Singh. Kulkarni, Roopa. Mokhasi, Varsha S. Shetty, Shailaja.
(2010)  | 9781905740222 | Anshan Ltd | pbk. | book | 208pp
AUD 42.95 (inc. GST), AUD 39.05 (ex. GST),
Knowledge of Embryology - the branch which deals with the development of the human body - is essential for all levels of practitioners of medicine. Clinicians need a comprehensive knowledge of embryology to determine and interpret numerous developmental and congenital defects. It is the most essential...

Mini atlas of ophthalmology.

(2009)  | 9781848290280 | Anshan Ltd | pbk. | book | 350pp
AUD 47.95 (inc. GST), AUD 43.59 (ex. GST),
Now Not Being Published.
Over the next 2 years approx 50 titles will be published by Anshan, covering a comprehensive range of disciplines within medicine and health sciences. The full series will develop into an outstanding resource for any medical library and each individual title will be a great value-for-money addition...

Mini Atlas of Neonatology

Dudeja, Ajay K. Guha, Dipak K. Guha, Rashmi.
(2010)  | 9781905740345 | Anshan Ltd | pbk. | book | 384pp
AUD 42.95 (inc. GST), AUD 39.05 (ex. GST),
This outstanding Mini Atlas will provide a visual and pictorial approach of care of the neonate for students and teachers of neonatology and all members of health services involved in caring for the newborn. There are c 500 clinical photographs and illustrations and the 15 chapters explain all potential...

Principles and Practices of Contamination Control and Cleanrooms

(2004)  | 9781904798064 | Anshan Ltd | hbk. | book | 240pp
AUD 96.95 (inc. GST), AUD 88.14 (ex. GST),
This book addresses a long felt need in the industry for coherent information on‚Äúcontamination control, cleanrooms and biosafety‚ÄĚ and offers insights,guidance and assistance to ensure that practices and procedure are in step withcurrent norms. It develops and refines the concept of an integrated...

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

(2008)  | 9781848290150 | Anshan Ltd | hbk. | book | 352pp
AUD 96.95 (inc. GST), AUD 88.14 (ex. GST),
Pharmaceutical biotechnology is evolving as an increasingly vital tool in thefield of life sciences by contributing to diagnostic medical tests, therapeuticdrugs and also gene therapy for hereditary diseases. Pharmaceuticalbiotechnology tools such as recombinant proteins and transgenic organisms haverevolutionised...


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